About Evergreen Investment

What our Company does

Our mission, whether you are an Australian or an International Investor, is to help you to REPLACE YOUR INCOME.
Over time we can help you achieve investment income and therefore replacing the need for paid employment. This is not an overnight idea, it takes work our network loves this work.

How do we do this?

We help people just like you acquire assets to look after you now and in retirement. Evergreen Wealth Management industry professional offers independent investment property advice to clients across Australia.
In building this investment strategy, Evergreen Wealth Management introduces clients to specific leading Industry Professionals to facilitate the transactions. The Network will compare, rate and introduce various strategies and choices to help you to achieve your goals.

The Evergreen Wealth Management Finance Network compares product features, rates and introduce you to retail and non-retail products which may help you to achieve your financial goals sooner.

With years of experience in both the financial industry and in the property markets, our network prides itself on the quality of the investment property advice we give to both new investors and those who have been with us for years.

What Exactly Do We Do?

We portfolio build

We help you reach your goal of becoming successful financially. We do this by helping you to organise and then manage your debt; by helping you to choose investments that match your needs, are relevant to your age and stage in life, that match your risk profile; that are within your current borrowing capacity, in suitable areas with great investment potential (both in terms of rental returns and capital growth) and we help you with the management of that property (or properties) once purchased. Our team will help you to build a portfolio to look after you now and through the stages of your life.

To date our advice has helped a wide range of investors (from first time investors to long-term seasoned experts) from across Australia to nurture and grow their investment portfolio and to achieve their wealth creation goals. Using analytical research, market reports and long-in-the-tooth market experts we can advise on investments in every suburb, of every city, in Australia. We are the first port of call for investment planning and the first phone call investors make when help and guidance is needed. Our service is unique to each investor and tailored to individual needs.

What Don’t We Do?

We’re not traditional mortgage brokers. Our finance professionals will arrange your finance, refinances and investment finance. We approach your situation from a, how quickly can you pay this debt down, perspective to achieve investment income.

We’re NOT real estate agents.  We are NOT property marketers and we’re NOT property developers. We won’t be trying to sell you any properties, nor push someone else’s properties on you for a commission.

We are Buyers Agents, we advocate for you in your journey to building a wide property portfolio. And if we don’t think property investment is the right call for you, we’ll tell you straight up.

How Does It Work?

Firstly, we offer a free consultation to anyone qualified. No costs, no commitments, no hard sell – just a free chat. Our initial consultation will consist of chatting about your circumstances and working out together a path forward that is right for you. It’s possible you’ve never taken the time to sit down and properly plan out your finances before, in which case you’ll be amazed how much it can help!

We’re here to convert your vague ideas and goals into a practical reality. Chat to us about what you want to achieve – no debts on retirement, a round-the-world trip of a lifetime, a single property investment or a whole portfolio of properties to nurture and grow for later in life – and we’ll help you put in place a plan to achieve it, starting right here, right now.

Why Choose Us?

Simply because here at Evergreen Wealth Management we offer market-leading advice at incredibly reasonable rates. Because we’re independent and won’t push a one size fits all solution on you. Because we have years of experience in the Australian property market. Because we cover all aspects of property investment, from choosing properties to purchasing properties to managing them and then advising on building a portfolio for the future. Because we are considered to be one of the most trustworthy property consulting firms around. Because we offer strong, wealth creating property investment strategies that combine security and growth. Because we offer a personalised and unique service to every one of our investors, small or large. Because we listen to your goals and then help you to make them happen

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